Naruto’s Long-Lost Cousin (UNUSED)


As the smoke cleared, revealing the ruins of the Leaf Village, darkness had filled the sky.  The Nine-Tailed beast had vanished.  The Fourth Hokage had sealed it within his firstborn son and sacrificed himself, which left his older brother Koruda with a broken, heavy heart.

KATRINA: It’s over…?

KORUDA: No…  It’s far from over…  The Nine-Tailed Fox is still untamed.  Minato…has done his job.  And it has costed him his life.


KORUDA: It should have been me…  He had not lived life to its fullness.  I…I regret not being there.  If he was still alive, he would be with his newborn even more.

KATRINA: But he had made the right choice, to lay his life down for his people, for his village… for you…

KORUDA: There is much to be done about this…

It was later that Koruda met with the previous Hokage of the Leaf Village, begging desperately for his requests to be fulfilled.

KORUDA: You heard me correctly.  Forget my name, forget you ever met me.  I cannot risk anything more for my bloodline.

HIRUZEN: Why must that be so?  You’re already a successful businessman.  Everyone ALREADY knows you.

KORUDA: I don’t want to put my family in peril.  In the future, if anyone was to expose the relation between me and Minato, then his son Naruto would know as well.  Then the beast would know the truth, and may do something far worse.  I cannot risk moving on from here.

HIRUZEN: But how can you be so sure?

KORUDA: I feel it in my bones…  To further prevent it, my family will take our maiden name of Tetsuyami.  I will allow only you and the general doctors to know of the bloodline, but they mustn’t tell anyone about it.

HIRUZEN: Hmm…  Very well.  The evidence will be hidden during the time our village is rebuilt.

KORUDA: My brother…he was a brave man.  I will never forget him.  As I look upon his face carving on the mountain, I will give him my undying blessings.  No one must know the truth…not even my son…

One week before this happened, Koruda and his dearly-loved wife Katrina had conceived their first child, a boy they named Kyata.  The two had married at a late age, and right then the desire to carry their bloodline onwards had struck them.  Thus, Kyata was born, but with a defect.  His brain was not fully developed, therefore his responses and reactions would alter slowly; also his ability of speech was not complete.  But the most part was when he would suddenly fall into sessions of sleep without willing himself to; it would occur so his brain would regenerate energy.  Though this was a problem for him, that did not stop his father from enrolling him in the Leaf Ninja Academy years later.  He sensed potential within the boy; perhaps one day he would be a great ninja.

KYATA: (Heaves heavy sigh)

NARUTO: Hey, I thought he was heading home sooner.

IRUKA: I guess Bean is running late.  He usually picks him up after work.

NARUTO: That guy with the checked pants?  I thought that was his dad.  This kid should move it so he won’t stand there like a lurker.

IRUKA: Hey, show some respect.  Just because he has a birth defect doesn’t mean he’s easy prey for teasing.  For that, why don’t YOU walk him home?

NARUTO: (Sigh); Alright…  Come on, Kyata.  If Bean is taking too long, then I’ll take you home.

KYATA (quietly): Okay…

NARUTO (thinking): I’ve seen him walk up to that house and back, up on the hill.  I guess with what’s been going on in his brain, he can sometimes forget the way.  What a weird kid he is…

Alongside his parents to care for him, Kyata also had two other men, Jean and Bean Hoek.  They were brothers who worked together in the daily newspaper business, which was what Koruda was head of.  Today was a different schedule…

JEAN: Would it be possible for us to—?

KORUDA (interrupting JEAN): I don’t think it’s possible.

JEAN: You read my mind, eh?

KORUDA: I’ve heard people say the same thing over and over again, I know what they want to say.

[Door opens]

JEAN: Bean!  Where have you been?

KORUDA: And where is my son?  Why have you not picked him up from school?

BEAN: I was busy dealing with the pictures.  What does it sound like to you?

JEAN: Some picture business…

BEAN: This one took much longer; it was a centerfold.

KORUDA: You better go retrieve Kyata or you’ll be fired!

BEAN: Oh please no!  A thousand times no!

NARUTO: Hello?

KORUDA: Well…  Look what we have here…

KYATA: Hi…dad…

NARUTO: Iruka Sensei didn’t want him lost…  I mean, confused…  Uh…

KORUDA: That’s alright, I understand.  Kyata may be forgetful once in a while, but we have been training his memory more often.  He will soon think better.  Thank you, Naruto, for bringing him home.  I give you much appreciation.

NARUTO: Eh, you’re welcome.  I should be heading home myself.

KORUDA: Very well.  Take care of yourself…

NARUTO (thinking): Like I said… what a weird kid…

JEAN: Kyata fell asleep as soon as he reached his room.  Hopefully he wakes when dinner is ready.

KORUDA: May the truth be hidden from Naruto and the Nine-Tailed Fox.  I pray for our safety…

Yes, Koruda was a worrisome old man.  In fact, he almost lost it when heard the incident that had happened a couple years later; a professional doctor was requested to create a cure for Kyata’s brain.  But the boy’s awareness drifted away as he was desperately reaching for the beaker; every concoction spilled, mixing into what felt like liquid fire, burning the doctor’s face.

[Distant sizzle]

COBRA: (Painful scream)

He was yet to be seen.  But Kyata survived from a stroke of luck…


As the years passed, Kyata’s brain healed slowly; he was able to think more clearly and learn quicker.  But a trial for him was about to come…  The day before graduation day at the Leaf Ninja Academy, trouble was brewing…thanks to Naruto, painting the Hokage faces on the mountain.  What a troublemaker he was.

NARUTO: You’re just bent because you don’t have the guts to do what I do.  Do ya!?  Losers!  Wannabes!  You guys suck!

NINJA: Get over here!

NINJA: What till I get my hands on you…!

NARUTO: I lost ‘em.  That was too easy!

IRUKA: Oh yeah, Naruto??!

NARUTO: (Startled shriek)

IRUKA: What gives you the right to skip class?  Come on!

[Short pause]

SHIKAMARU: Now we’re kept here waiting for Naruto.  This is such a drag…

KYATA: Do you have to say that about everything?

SHIKAMARU: Why don’t you mind your own business.

KYATA: Well you keep dropping that phrase over and over again.  What is it, your punchline?

SHIKAMARU: If you think you’ve got the right answer, head to the front of the room and say your name so I can tell your mother.

KYATA: I can’t do that.  My mother knows my name.


SHIKAMARU: If there’s one thing you’re good at, it’s roasting people.  Not that you know what it is, though.

[Door opens]

IRUKA: Get in there!


IRUKA: You’re getting yourself into a bigger mess, Naruto.  And I’m at the end of my rope.  You failed the graduation test last year, and the year before.  Now you have another chance, yet you’re screwing up again.

NARUTO: (Grumble)

IRUKA: Fine!  Because you’ve missed it, everyone will review the Transformation Jutsu!

CHOJI: D’aw man!

RANDOM STUDENT: What the heck is going on here?

Yes, even at this age, Kyata still had social anxiety.  But when it came to showing his work to his sensei Iruka, he would obey and stay focused on the task at hand.

IRUKA: Next up, Naruto Uzumaki.

SHIKAMARU: This is such a waste of time…

INO: We always pay for your screw-ups.

NARUTO: Like I care…

KYATA (thinking): He better do it good.  I just can’t understand the guy, being his own “class clown” by getting himself into trouble.  And yet, I can’t help but notice the look in Hinata’s eye.  What does she see in him?

NARUTO: Transform!


NARUTO: (Sexy Jutsu flirting)

IRUKA: (Screams)

NARUTO: (Laughs); Gotcha!  That’s my Sexy Jutsu!

IRUKA: Enough of your bullcrap!! This is your last warning!!

KYATA (thinking): Well, now he’s getting his just desserts.  I…  (Quick breath loss) Oh no—!  Not here!  Not now!  I can’t sleep now when I’m not even next in line!  But I can’t fail!  Must transform…before I black out—!


IRUKA: Kyata!  Keep it there as long as you can!


KYATA: (Exhale)


IRUKA: See, Naruto?  You can learn a thing or two from him.

NARUTO: Like what?  Sleeping?

IRUKA: No…!  He actually did the Jutsu, something you should’ve done to keep our session going!  And I’ve told you before, just because he has a birth defect doesn’t mean he’s a freak.  Sakura, since you went first, you can take Kyata to his seat.  I hope he wakes up in time for our next part.  And as for you, Naruto, I’ve got a chore for you after school.

[Short pause]

NARUTO: This sucks.  This sucks eggs!

IRUKA: You’re not going home until you’ve removed every spot of paint!

NARUTO: So what?  It’s not like there’s anyone waiting for me at home!

IRUKA: Naruto…

NARUTO: What is now…

IRUKA: I’m thinking…  Once you’re done cleaning all this up, we’ll head out for some ramen, the good stuff.  What do you say?

NARUTO: Now that’s some serious motivation!  I’ll get this cleaned in no time!

[Short pause]

KYATA (thinking): I’m still unsure if I actually succeeded in transforming.  I can never seem to recall what happens a few seconds before I black out.  Huh? (Short pause); So Naruto causes trouble but he gets treated to ramen afterwards?  I must be crazy.

NARUTO: (Slurps ramen)

IRUKA: Naruto…  Why did you paint the Hokage faces?  You know who the Hokage are, don’t you?

NARUTO: Of course I do.  Everyone knows, they were the greatest shinobi of their time, right?  The best of the best, undefeated ninja champs.  And the Fourth Hokage’s the one who saved the village from the Nine-Tailed Fox.  He was the most amazing.

IRUKA: So can you explain why you went and did it?

NARUTO: Because I’m going to be the greatest of all!  Me, Naruto!  The next Hokage!  A ninja legend!  Then everyone will stop dissing me, and look up to me!  Believe it!  Oh, I kinda want to ask a little favor, Sensei.

IRUKA: Want a refill?

NARUTO: Nah, I just want to try on your headband.  Come on, please?

IRUKA: This?  No way, José!  You can only earn a headband when you graduate and become a ninja.  You’ve gotta pass the test tomorrow, so I wouldn’t screw around more if I were you.

NARUTO: That is so uncool!

IRUKA: Hey, is that why you took off your goggles?

NARUTO: I want a refill!

KYATA (thinking): I keep forgetting there’s an exam tomorrow.  I better head home and practice.  I want to make my parents proud; I will finally become a ninja just as they were before.  I mustn’t fail…unless my stupid head steals my chance from me…

The next day, Kyata’s parents were there to encourage him, as well as for the festivities afterwards, in which Jean and Bean would take pictures and write the story for tomorrow’s paper.  All students paid close attention as Iruka announced what was to be shown…

IRUKA: We will now start the final exam.  When your name is called, proceed to the testing room.  The final exam will be on the Clone Jutsu.

NARUTO (thinking): Clone Jutsu?!  That’s my worst technique!

KYATA (thinking): Stay cool!  This is it!

[Short pause]

NARUTO (thinking): You can do this!  Believe it!  (Out loud) Clone Jutsu!


[Swirly sounds]



NARUTO: (Shriek)

MIZUKI: Iruka Sensei, he was off but his moves weren’t bad and he did hang in there and replicate.  This is his third time on the test, so we know he really wants to pass.  Perhaps we can cut him some slack and let him through.  What do you say?

IRUKA: Mizuki Sensei…  All the other students managed to create three perfect duplicates of themselves.  Naruto only created one; and look at it…  It’s pitiful.  I can’t pass him through.

KYATA (thinking): He didn’t make the cut.  I don’t know whether or not it’s safe to say that I’m glad not to be in his shoes… or sandals…  Man, I crack myself up sometimes.

KORUDA: This is your chance, Kyata.  Remember what we taught you.

KYATA (thinking): I’m next…and ironically last too.  I must focus…  (Deep breath); There’s no turning back now…

IRUKA: Stay cool, Kyata.  You can do this…

KYATA (thinking): (Sudden breath loss); What?!  Why now?!  This is the worst time to be passing out right now!  I’ve gotta perform the Jutsu—!


IRUKA: Hang in there!

KYATA: (Exhale)


IRUKA: Oh no…

MIZUKI: Hmmm…  These clones are dead as a doornail.

IRUKA: Perhaps…that would be useful…

MIZUKI: Useful?  He fell asleep right when he didn’t need to.

IRUKA: He can’t control that.  I will admit that it wasn’t good timing; but with these clones, the enemy won’t think he’s playing possum for long.  It would be a useful way for him to escape a battle when he starts to pass out.

MIZUKI: You’re not thinking about passing him, are you?  That is still debatable.

IRUKA: Perhaps so…  I’ll plan something for him soon.  I’ll put his status on hold for now.

MIZUKI (thinking): Iruka’s too soft on Kyata just because of his brain damage.  But I’ll deal with that later.  Right now I must attend to Naruto…

The festivities began, and all was not looking so well when Kyata woke up.

KYATA (thinking): So I didn’t make it…!  I was afraid that my head would screw everything up!  I’d better let out my scream at home, or everyone will hear me.  (Short pause) It looks like I’m not the only one standing on the sidelines.  Naruto didn’t make it either; we’re in the same boat now.  We’re practically “twinsies”…  Oh, that’s not a very comfortable feeling; my failure came from an accident.

[Camera flash]

BEAN: I don’t like this picture.  Kyata’s on the far right of the shot even though he didn’t graduate.

JEAN: We’ll just snip that side before putting it in the paper.

BEAN: And snip out half of Choji’s head?  Now I feel really guilty.

KYATA: Dad, can we please go home now?

KORUDA: You want to leave so soon?

KYATA: Don’t you get it?  If I didn’t make it through, then I shouldn’t be here!

KORUDA: (Short pause); Well, alright.  Please excuse us, Iruka.  My son would like to head back to our home…(voice fades)

SAKURA: Heading home so soon?

KYATA: What do you think?  Do you see a headband on me?

SAKURA: You didn’t make it either?

INO: It seems like he carries his own brain, right when he needs it most.

SAKURA: Can it, Ino!

KYATA: Sakura, I don’t know if I can forgive myself.  I mean, I really wanted to stick with you and everyone else; it’s been like another home for me.  I won’t be able to move on with the rest of you…  I’ll miss you.

SAKURA: I really hate to think that too…

KYATA: I should be out of here now.  Hopefully, I get to see you again…

SAKURA: I hope to see you too…

IRUKA: Take care, Koruda…

KORUDA: Thank you.  Wait for me, boy.

IRUKA: I hate to see Kyata leave like that.  If only I can make up my mind about him quicker.

HIRUZEN: Iruka…  We have much to discuss…

[Short pause]

KYATA (weeping): I am such a monster…!


It was the morning after Naruto found the truth about the Nine-Tailed Fox.  Kyata had already let out his steam the night before, so he felt it necessary to occupy himself to help keep his cool.  But it was hard to do so when Naruto went through town with the Hokage’s grandson Konohamaru.

KYATA (thinking): Finally!  Strawberries are back in season!  Perhaps they’ll help…  Uh oh…  What’s Naruto up to with the Hokage’s grandson?  Probably more nonsense as ever.

NARUTO: Aha!  Her right there!  Try transforming into her!

KONOHAMARU: Alright.  Transform!


KYATA: (Brief shriek) You sure is ugly!


NARUTO: (Painful shriek)

GIRL PEDESTRIAN: Nice try, but next time make me look cuter, okay?

NARUTO: How come I get it and you don’t?

KYATA: You told Konohamaru to do it…  Everyone must focus on the mastermind.  And making yourself a better example will do you better next time.  Etc.

NARUTO: Do you have to butt in?

KYATA: Uh, I think I hear the fresh fruit calling me…

[Short pause]

KYATA (thinking): I wonder if the hot springs are still going well.  I really need a time to relax… a time to put my losses aside. (Short pause) Oh no, there they are again.  What the frick can they possibly be doing this time?


NARUTO: Like this, we’ll see ‘em close up.

KYATA: That’s not a good sign!

GIRLS: Naruto!  Get out of the girls’ locker room!



[Short pause]

KYATA: That’s it!  I’m staying home for the rest of the day!  I don’t want anymore trouble with the ladies!

CHOJI: Stayin’ home?  I got somethin’ good grillin’ out on my patio.  And with that, some big, curvy…

KYATA: Oh noooooooo!

CHOJI: …Melons…  I can’t let the juicy stuff go to waste.

KYATA: I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep…!


The next day, all who graduated were brought to the school to be assigned to their three-man squads.  Though Kyata did not fully graduate, he and his father were summoned to set their final plans with Iruka.

SHIKAMARU: What are you doing here, Naruto?  This school isn’t for dropouts.

NARUTO: Oh yeah, Shikamaru?  Look again!

SHIKAMARU: A headband…  Would I ask how you got one in the end…  (Short pause); Hmm…  Now I see TWO dropouts here.  What is up with Kyata?

KORUDA (distant voice): So what is your plan?

IRUKA (distant voice): Well, that’s kinda hard to determine right here and now, but something’s already coming to mind right now…

KYATA (thinking): I don’t like the way Shikamaru is looking at me.  I guess I should be alienated from here.  (Gritted breath); Come on, now.  Hold back the tears.  You’ll make a fool of yourself.

[Muffled running]

KYATA (thinking): And here come two charging rhinos.  Hello!

SAKURA + INO: I’m first!

SAKURA (voice faded): Come on!  My toe was three inches closer to the door!

IRUKA: Let me escort you into the next room.  You two can discuss things from there for the time being.

KORUDA: Very well.  Come, my boy.

SAKURA (distant voice): Hi, Sasuke…  Mind if I sit next to you?

KYATA (thinking): She’s talking to Sasuke again.  I hate that…!

[Door close]

KORUDA: You have that look in your eye again.  Perhaps you want to tell me what’s wrong.

KYATA: Dad…  I think I should keep it to myself.  Right now I want to hear the ideas Iruka gave you.

KORUDA: Alright.  The thought came to him later than expected, because he had business to settle with Naruto.  But now that he has laid out the plans, the options are available to us.  One choice is for him to take you through private drills, so you can master everything you’ve learned, before the next school year begins.  He has been noticing that your brain has been improving overtime; you have been passing out less often.  He hopes that you will be completely cured once the drills are completed.  It will be then that you graduate…

KYATA: That actually doesn’t sound bad at all.  Yeah…  I like that.

[Short pause]

IRUKA: Squad Seven.  Naruto Uzumaki…


IRUKA: Sakura Haruno…

SAKURA: (Startled sigh)

NARUTO: Yeah!!

SAKURA: I’m doomed…!

IRUKA: …And Sasuke Uchiha.

SAKURA: (Excited shriek)

NARUTO: Oh crap…!  Iruka Sensei, why does a great ninja like me have to be on the same team with a slug like Sasuke?

IRUKA: Sasuke had the best scores of all the students.  Naruto, you had the WORST scores.  We pair the best with the worst.

SASUKE: Just make sure you don’t stand in my way, loser…

NARUTO: What’s that you say?


IRUKA: You’ll meet your squad leaders after lunch.  Until then, class is dismissed.  (Thinking) Alright, now that’s taken care of…  Let’s see if Kyata is up for that offer.

[Door opens]

KORUDA: Iruka, Kyata agrees with the first option.  He is willing to do it.

IRUKA: Excellent!  Let’s draw up a schedule!

KORUDA: Oh, Kyata…  There is something I’d like to discuss with the sensei privately.  Would you mind waiting outside for now?

KYATA: No, dad, not at all…

[Door closes]

KYATA (thinking): Maybe it won’t suck so much after all.  Once I complete the drills and graduate, I can finally reunite with the rest of the students.  How hard can it get?  (Short pause); Then again, Sakura and Sasuke are looking at each other again.

NARUTO (disguised as SASUKE): Sakura, your forehead is so frickin’ humongous, it makes me feel like kissing it.


NARUTO (disguised as SASUKE): Just kidding…  That’s something Naruto would say.

KYATA: Does EVERYONE have to flirt with her?!  I’ve got to get away from here.

[Short pause]

CHOJI (distant voice): Did I ever tell you about that corn maze I visited?  I was rewarded with some special seasoning, and its six delicious flavors…

INO (distant voice): (Angry sigh)

SHIKAMARU: And Kyata is STILL here!  Is he walking that path just to get our attention?  He can’t even see us up here.

KYATA (exclaiming): Yeah, but I can hear TALKING!

CHOJI (exclaiming): Snooping as usual, I see!

INO (sarcastically): Seriously, shouldn’t you be off school property if you didn’t graduate?  Oh wait, you SHOULD!

KYATA: So you’re ninjas now…  And apparently, I’m your first enemy…

CHOJI: Dang, man!  He gotcha there! (Laughs)

SHIKAMARU: I TOLD you he’s good at roasting.  I can at least admire him for that.


[Short pause]

KYATA: I hope Sasuke left that empty spot, ‘cause that’s what I’ll be needing until it’s time to head back home.  Fudge!  Now Naruto is here!

NARUTO: Think you can fool me, wise-guy?  Well forget it!

[Stomach grumbles]

NARUTO: (Shrieks); Why does this keep happening to me!  (Screams)

SAKURA: Dumb Naruto!!

KYATA (thinking): Gee, I think I got here at the wrong time.  Sakura will be sore with EVERYONE!  I better escape before she does the same to me.

SAKURA: Hm?  Kyata, I didn’t notice you there.  What brings you here?

KYATA: My dad and I are making arrangements with Iruka Sensei, about finishing my training.  Hopefully, I’ll fully graduate soon; then I’ll finally catch up with you.

SAKURA: Really?  That does sound better than what we talked about last time.  Of course we’ll meet again from time to time on regular days.

KYATA: That actually DOES sound better than before.  But don’t get me too excited already.  I still have yet to begin.

KORUDA: There you are, my boy.  The schedule has been formed, and Iruka will visit us later for more details.  Come now, we’re heading for a ramen special.

KYATA: Well alright.  I hope to see you again, Sakura.

SAKURA: I wish to see you too.

KYATA: Oh, before I forget, I just want to tell you…  (A bit shaky) Don’t worry about what you look like.  I like you, big forehead and all.

SAKURA: (Short gasp); Huh?

KYATA: You’ve always been a sight for sore eyes…

SAKURA (thinking): He was so brave to say that.  I’ll be missing him too soon.  Well, I should meet up with the other two chumps, don’t want to be late to meet our squad leader.

So much hope filled Kyata’s heart that day.  Once again he desired to stay strong through the trials.


Terrible tragedies had occurred after many months had passed.  The twisted Sasuke Uchiha had left the Village on the search for Orochimaru, but Naruto promised to pursue his friend and bring him back to the light.

NARUTO: Don’t you worry one bit.  I’m going to bring Sasuke back.  I promise that on my life, Sakura. (voice fades)

[Thunder rolling]

KYATA: These clouds don’t look friendly.  I better get back home before too late.

SAKURA (distant voice): (Sobbing)

KYATA (thinking): Is that—?  Sakura!  I knew there was something rotten going on in town.  And to make things worse, she’s still obsessed with Sasuke.  I’m about to lose it right now!

[Multiple running footsteps]

NINJA: That guy shouldn’t get far!

NINJA: He already reached the top of the hill!

KYATA: What?!

NINJA: That’s where you live?

KYATA: Let me through!  My parents are up there!

[Thunder rolling]

[Rain dropping]

KYATA: It’s too late…!  No!!

[Wood stake falls]

KYATA (shouting): Dad?!

[Wind blowing]

KYATA: (Gasps); No…!

KORUDA: (Weak breath heave)

KYATA (shouting): DAD!!

KORUDA (weakly stuttering): Son…  Kyata…

KYATA (sobbing): Please don’t die!!

KORUDA: (Draws last breath)

KYATA: (Violently sobbing)

NINJA: He was here?  (Short pause); I am very sorry about your parents.  They raised and protected you well.  I’m starting to wonder…  What did that killer have against them?  (Short pause); We’ll arrange a proper funeral for them.  But right now, we need to know who that guy is and what he’s after.  Get going, while there is still time.

KYATA: (Violently gasping)


[Running footsteps]

COBRA (exclaiming): There you are!

KYATA: Huh?!

COBRA: It’s about time you showed yourself!  I had to cut down your parents to occupy myself.

KYATA: Who are you?!  What have you done?!

COBRA: It’s been too long since we last met, boy.  I wanted to cure you of your brain damage…until your clumsiness turned me into a freak!

KYATA: You…!  You’re that doctor!

COBRA: Yes…that’s it!  But now I would rather be known as “Cobra”.  I find it a more fitting codename as an assassin.

KYATA: You have pushed me past my limits!  I will destroy you with everything I have!

COBRA: Don’t try it!  I have a bag of tricks myself…such as this smoke bomb.


KYATA: Huh? (Coughs); Where did he go? (Sudden scream)



COBRA: Now you’ll REALLY be on the edge!

[Blade drawn]

COBRA: Don’t any of you try pulling any ninja moves now!  If you do, then one prod of my blade will send him falling off this cliff to his demise!  I hold all the cards now!

BEAN: Insidious beast!

JEAN: This is repulsive!  What CAN we do?!

COBRA: I’LL tell you what you can do!  If you value this one’s life, then you must do as I say!  You have ten seconds to accept me as Hokage!

KYATA (exclaiming): Don’t do it!

IRUKA: We can’t let you die, Kyata!  There should be another way!

SAKURA: We’ll save you somehow!

[Thunder rolling]

[Rain continues]

KYATA (thinking): Another way?  There are no more options…at least for them…  If there is anything I want to prove, that I’ve learned so much, is to lay down my own life for my friends, and the village I love.  (Weeping); I have no other choice…  I can at least join my parents…

COBRA (impatiently): The clock is ticking!  What’s your answer?!

KYATA (thinking): They won’t have to make a decision now.  They’ve done many good things for me… so I must do the same for them, by saving the village from this threat.  (Weeping) Goodbye!  (Out loud) I’m sorry…

SAKURA: (Gasps)

KYATA: I love you…

[Thunder rolling]

BEAN: It’s—it’s too late!  He pushed him off!

[Short pause]

JEAN: No…  Kyata did it himself.  He did it for us…so that we wouldn’t surrender…

[Distant splash]

[Underwater ambience]

KYATA (thinking): Goodbye…

[Short pause]

NINJA: Iruka Sensei…  The murderer disappeared, we suspect he retreated the village after he realized he lost his chance.

IRUKA: What about Kyata?  Did you find him?

NINJA: I’m afraid not, sir.  That river below the cliff is very deep.  We found no trace of him around it.  We suspect he may have drowned…  I’m very sorry…  We cannot bury him with his parents.

IRUKA: Kyata…had so much fear within him.  For the first time, today, I saw him with courage.  That was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen him do, saving our village that way…  He really was…a ninja…

[Short pause]

[Rushing water]

KYATA (thinking): I’m still alive… when I least want to be.  Can I call what I did a mistake?  (Weeping); Now I can’t find the way back!  How can I get back home?  I’m lost…!  Lost in my own nature…!


[Echoing heartbeat]

DOCTOR (distant voice echoing): It’s him alright!  Come on, get that poison out!

DOCTOR (distant voice echoing): How did you find him?

DOCTOR (distant voice echoing): A hunter shot him with a poison dart.  It’s hard to believe this boy survived all those years in the wilderness.

KYATA: (Echoing breathing)

SAKURA (distant voice echoing): I hope he’s alright.

NARUTO (distant voice echoing): Didn’t you hear the doctor?  He said he might not make it.

KYATA: (Stuttering breathing)

SAKURA: (Gasps); Look!

KYATA: (Heavily gasps, breathes hard)

NARUTO (excitedly): He’s alive!

SAKURA (excitedly): Kyata!

KYATA: (Heavy breathing continues)

NARUTO: Hang in there!  Take it easy!

KYATA: (Calms down)

SAKURA: That’s it…  Easy now…

KYATA: (Deep breath)

NARUTO: It’s good to have you back, buddy!

SAKURA: Do you remember us?

KYATA (stuttering): Sakura…?

SAKURA (excitedly): You got that right!

KYATA (stuttering): Naruto…?

NARUTO: Now you’re the winner! (Laughs)

KYATA: (Exhales); What—what happened…?

SAKURA: You were hit with a poison dart.  You were brought here quickly, and the doctors got that poison out of you.

KYATA: You mean… I’m back in the village…?

NARUTO: See for yourself…

[Birds chirping]

KYATA: (Sighs); How long have I been gone?

NARUTO: We hate to say this, but it’s been four years since the incident on the cliff.

KYATA: I really did lose track of time…  (Short pause); I’m back home…  I…

NARUTO: (Chuckles)

KYATA: I’m—I’m so glad to see you again!


KYATA: I just wish I was able to save my parents in time.  I’m still ashamed of letting them die.

NARUTO: Kyata, I’ve met many people filled with regrets, filled with hatred; and I’ve helped them show their true colors.  I’ve shown reason to people like Gaara, Obito, and even Sasuke; though we both lost an arm in the process.  It means I’m willing to do so much to help others…including you…

KYATA: What’s your point for me?

NARUTO: We’ve all been through a lot of suffering.  Heck, my parents died the day I was born.  But with the help of many people I’ve made friends with, I’ve been able to stand strong and move forward.  I’m still surrounded by those who really care and are willing to lend a hand when the going gets rough.  There’s never a time to be afraid.  In your case, you still have me and Sakura with you… and the rest of your old classmates.

KYATA: I swear to God… I feel like crying…

NARUTO: (Chuckles) I really got to you, didn’t I?

KYATA: You did…  And you really did help a lot.  Thank you…Naruto…

SAKURA: I thought it was over for you, when that freak pushed you off the cliff.

KYATA: That’s what EVERYONE might say.  But to tell you the truth, he didn’t push me off.


KYATA: No…  I WALKED off.  I did it so our village wouldn’t surrender to him.

NARUTO: I never thought you were a bigger part of that story.  I just thought you were a weird kid.

KYATA: Oh man…  Ugh…  It’s coming back…

SAKURA: That’s right, his sleeping sessions.

NARUTO: I thought it would stop sometime.

KYATA: And it DID!  Gotcha, didn’t I?  (Laughs)

NARUTO: You still roast, buddy.

KYATA: It hasn’t happened since I entered the wilderness.  I’ve been cured for a long time.

SAKURA: That’s good news to us… to ALL of us!

NARUTO: Hey, you better get cleaned up.  You’re still a mess.  And when you’re ready, there will be a headband waiting for you…

KYATA: (Sighs); It’s great to be back…!

As his training was complete, Kyata finally became a ninja after many years of hoping.  He also reclaimed his old house and inherited his father’s business, as it was promised in Koruda’s will.  Reuniting with Jean and Bean, Kyata brought a new story to the public, and was eager to reveal the truth his father had kept from him for so long.  After gazing into a sample of his own blood, he realized that the evidence was right there in front of him.  And Koruda’s diary exposed the details…

NARUTO: We’re cousins and no one told us?

KYATA: It was a secret to be kept from your fox friend.

NARUTO: If I had known that much sooner, I would’ve actually hung out with you.

KYATA: If WE had known that much sooner, we’d be DEAD!

NARUTO: But there are no more threats about it now, right?

KYATA: Now that I think about it… no…  Everything’s alright now…  You son of a gun…!

NARUTO: (Laughs)