Vigilante 8

I must warn you: I am talking about the Playstation version of the first Vigilante 8 game. So pay attention!

Go to the options menu, then enter the character data selection, then press the Circle button to punch in the following passwords to unlock the following
All standard characters — GANGS_ALL_HERE
Bonus characters and levels — WMNNWLHTSCUCLH
“Y” the Alien — INVITE_VISITOR
Sand Factory and Secret Base — SECRET_LOCALES
All characters and maps unlocked at once — GIMME_DA_WORKS
Lunar gravity — REDUCE GRAVITY
Homing missile power-up — DEADLY_MISSILE
No enemies — GO_SIGHTSEEING, then select arcade mode
Invincibility — I_WILL_NOT_DIE, but don’t save your game after punching in this password, because it will be a permanent part if you do
View all FMV sequences — SEE_ALL_MOVIES, select one of the characters on the character data screen
Expert mode — HARDEST_OF_ALL
Two players playing as the same character — SAME_CHARACTER
Slow motion — SLOW_MOTION_ON

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for take-off!

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