Godzilla: Save the Earth

I only have this game on Xbox, so listen up!

At the main menu screen, seeing Godzilla’s eye through the scope, press and hold the “L” trigger, then the “B” button, then the “R” trigger in that order, then let go of “B”, “R”, then “L”. A code screen will pop up at the bottom of your TV screen, then you’ll be able to punch in these special number codes to unlock the following:
525955: All Monsters
659996: All Cities
812304: Buildings Indestructible
122574: Energy does not regenerate
536117: Health comes back
259565: Player 1 does 4x damage
819342: Player 1 has Infinite Energy
531470: Player 1 is Invisible
338592: Player 1 is Invulnerable
927281: Player 2 does 4x damage
324511: Player 2 has Infinite Energy
118699: Player 2 is Invisible
259333: Player 2 is Invulnerable
500494: Player 3 does 4x damage
651417: Player 3 has Infinite Energy
507215: Player 3 is Invisible
953598: Player 3 is Invulnerable
988551: Player 4 deals 4x damage
456719: Player 4 has Infinite Energy
198690: Player 4 is Invisible
485542: Player 4 is Invulnerable

You can even add money to help purchase some items if you don’t want to go ahead and unlock them.
532459: Add $100,000
667596: Add $150,000
750330: Add $200,000

May I remind you that these codes will only last until you turn off your Xbox console. The next time you play this game, you will have to punch in the numbers again. But the items that you purchase will be kept in your roster. But enough talk now, because it’s time to crumble!!

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